The Makersquad Manifesto.

This is a work in progress.


What we do and what we don't do is at the heart of the company.

It's of highest interest to work on what we accept and what we do not accept.

We want to be glad and proud of our work and products.


Humans make mistakes.

When people make mistakes on behalf of a company, we should see it as a company mistake, not an individual one.


We dedicate time to work on projects, in exchange of both money and ownership of the project.

The goal is not only to earn short term money, but also to earn long term dividends.

There can be contract work for time-money, but our priority is the long term.

In other terms, we want to create businesses that have a better-than-linear relationship between time invested and the company output.


Individuals are best at determining their own way of working.

We're not tied to a specific geography, schedule, or any kind of practical modalities.

Instead, we believe in building a customized environment in the best interest of individuals, projects and clients.


All kind of information should be available and open for suggestion.

This book is open for contributions, and if any of us thinks an area should be improved, then she or he is free to fork and contribute.

Every one chose where his voice should be, and where it should not be. Having all knowledge in the open means that every bit of information is available to every one, so each one can chose to participate, listen actively, listen passively or completely ignore a subject.


With great power comes great responsibility.

As we determine our own way of working, we know and embrace the fact that it means we need to put an extra effort on being trustable.

This is true inside the squad, but also outside.

People trusts us because they can count on us, it's our responsibility to not prove them wrong.


Treat ourselves and our clients the same way.

Something that is not acceptable for the outside is not acceptable for us.


Let's be brutally honnest to ourselves. There is no such thing as a subject we should avoid.

Hypocrisy is a source of useless politics and we fight against it.

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